Pearly Beginnings

Growing up in a jewellery family, you can’t help but start noticing fashion and jewellery trends, and I want to take this opportunity to give my views about the jewellery trends, and share some personal stories.

Chandrani Pearls has been in our family for the last 34 years, and was started by my parents. Dad and Mum worked hard to make a mark in the jewellery industry, and my mother tells me stories of how she would spend hours looking at the pearls, and would analyse how she could transform the pearls into jewellery that everyone would want. I always believe that my mother’s designs were fresh and innovative. They were fashionable and quickly became a part of the wardrobe of women.

I’m sharing this story to highlight that fashion is not always about following a trend, but to also sometimes make your own trend. My mother created her own trend of jewellery by thinking “what else can I do with pearls?”, “Can I make pearls a mainstream jewellery?” , and experimented with different materials and designs that would suit pearls. There were successes and failures, but that’s what makes the success all the more sweeter.

pink rose and gold pearl jewelry
Photo by Pixabay on

I hope that through my blog, I’m able to share my story and would love comments and feedback. Do write back


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