The Journey

From humble beginnings and one showroom in Minto Park, Kolkata, we have today grown into an organization with 55 showrooms across India. When I look back, this journey has been filled with emotions and conflict, triumphs and conquests, with an ever-evolving aspiration for the future.

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The goal is clear, to be the best fashion jeweler with the best customer service in India, and this goal is what inspires us to move ahead.

In 1985 when we started the business, Dad had read up about a concept called loyalty cards, introduced by American Airlines, and quickly created a loyalty card program for Chandrani Pearls. We were a new retailer and were introducing a new concept, but were confident in our product offering, and knew that we could create a very loyal and happy customer base who would keep coming back for more.

This one move was the cornerstone of our marketing success. It helped us get market credibility and word of mouth promotion.

Over the next few posts, I would touch upon a few memories from our journey, that set the direction and vision of Chandrani Pearls.

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