The Journey of Pearls

When we think of pearl jewellery, the thoughts that go on in our head, is the mesmerizing nature of pearls, the story behind its creation and we cant help but admire the fact that the jewellery has been created by master craftsmen who have spent hours creating your special jewellery.

We have to appreciate that each pearl goes through a magical journey from the oyster to your neck, and I wanted to highlight the efforts of the craftsmen, who make this journey possible.


Today the process of pearl farming has made pearls much more accessible to the common man. The process starts with the master craftsmen identifying healthy oysters and inserting a small nucleus inside the oyster in such a skillful manner that it triggers the oyster into starting nacre secretion around the object.



Nacre is what forms the skin of the pearl. Once the nucleus is inserted into the oyster, the oysters are put back into the water, and allowed time to do its miracle work of pearl creation. The oysters are monitored closely over its 2 year creation process, and skilled labours check the nacre thickness, and also the health of the oysters. Once the pearls are ready to be harvested, they are pulled out of the water and trained workers extract the pearls from the oyster without damaging it.



From here starts the journey of cleaning and drilling. Each pearl is individually drilled and is now ready to adorn your necks.

Jewellery Designers then assess the pearls, and decide the jewellery styling based on the pearls, and assigns the same to craftsmen, who create magic by stringing them in a certain way that they sit beautifully on your neck.

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 12.42.54 PM.png

If one has to look at the journey of pearls, one can’t help feel a romantic connection to pearls. It was born to adorn the necks of women across the world, and this romanticism is what drives me to produce excellent jewellery for you.

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