The New Normal

I have been meaning to write for sometime now, but have somehow been putting it off. Our lives changed almost immediately and drastically when the Novel Corona Virus invaded our world. The world did not get a chance to prepare for it, and that has been the greatest challenge of the Pandemic. We have had to react almost immediately to any new developments and protect ourselves.


We humans have prided ourselves on our freedom, our ability to explore and our ability to connect with one another, but the virus does not forgive and does not discriminate, and over the last two months we were taught the value of confinement and “Social Distancing”.


While the world economy reels from the disastrous impact the virus has had on businesses, and on public welfare and health, we are now coming to terms with the new way of living, and working and interacting with one another.

As India gets ready to get back to normalcy, we wonder what life will be like on the other side of the lockdown. Will people get back to their normal lives, or will things be different. What is the new Normal?

My guess is that things are going to be very different once life tries to get back on track. The virus is still very much around and we will still need to be cautious and safe in all our activities and doings.

  • Social distancing is going to be the new norm. People are going to be hesitant to go to crowded places.
  • People are going to be wearing masks and face shields whenever they exit their house.
  • Personal hygiene is going to be taken very seriously by all. Washing of hands, frequently and before and after any activity will almost become second nature.
  • Work from home will become a realistic way of actually working, and still be a productive member of an organization.
  • Businesses will interact with each other and customers very differently. Customers will expect hand sanitizers and other protective equipment available in every retail outlet that they visit, and likewise, retailers will also ensure that their customers minimize contact, and may even insist for digital payments.

Life has changed, and we have to live with the new normal at least for the next 5-6 months, in the hopes that our scientists find a cure for this infection, thus allowing life to resume normally, and bringing back the human contact that we all so crave.


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