Life under Lockdown


It took an invisible enemy to bring the world to its knees. It made us scared, paranoid, apprehensive, and cautious. We didn’t know what to expect, or what to do. We were forced into lockdown or stay at home, in order to slow the infection, and that has taken its toll on the economy. The world has changed, and we will only realize by how much, when things normalize.

However the lockdown also brought about some positives to our lives, and I would only like to speak about the positives as that’s what the world needs at this time. It allowed us to stop and actually admire the world around us. We were running so fast that we forgot to smell the roses.

We have allowed the earth to take a deep breath and recharge. The Air has got fresher, the water has got cleaner. The animals breathed a sigh of relief, and could be seen all over the world appreciating the calmness around them.

But more than anything, we realized the value of family, the value of spending time with the people we love the most, the value of work life balance. We learnt to make the most of what we had, we lived with basic necessities and didn’t complain. Our kids appreciated that we were spending more time with them. Our spouses appreciated that we were sharing each other’s load. We realized that we could actually be as productive while working from home, and still create more time for each other.

We found time for ourselves. We did things to enrich our own lives, we found time to cook, or create, to get fit, and to explore the different parts of our spirituality. We took out the time to study, and sharpen our skills and knowledge. We read that book that we have been putting off for “lack of time”. We invented new games to play with children and friends, and created some of the best memories of our lives. We connected with old friends and new, and with relatives distant and close and had a laugh as time stood still.

Now that the lockdown is getting lifted, and people will start to go about their daily chores, I hope that they would reflect upon the life spend during the lockdown and remember that we managed to find happiness even in the darkest hours of our history, and appreciate that life is not about a 9 to 5 job, but more about a journey of discovery and happiness.



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