Life under Lockdown

It took an invisible enemy to bring the world to its knees. It made us scared, paranoid, apprehensive, and cautious. We didn’t know what to expect, or what to do. We were forced into lockdown or stay at home, in order to slow the infection, and that has taken its toll on the economy. The … Continue reading Life under Lockdown

New York Fashion Week- Pearls make a statement

The Fashion trends for the fall/winter 2019/20 collections were featured on the runway of the New York Fashion Week, and its interesting how the collections were interpreted on the catwalk. We saw some of the older matirials, gemstones, and other styles popping up in antique and vintage styles, all of which can be worn in … Continue reading New York Fashion Week- Pearls make a statement

Jewellery Evolved- Part 2

Its hard to think of life without the beauty of jewellery, and the evolution of jewellery has been a fascinating journey. The way advancements in technology and knowledge brought about intricate and unique pieces throughout history. Lets continue our journey through time, and see how jewellery evolved. 19th Century While it was a period of huge … Continue reading Jewellery Evolved- Part 2